The Great Ballstrikers- my first book- was such a joy to share with golfers the world over. It was obvious from the reaction it received that I just had to sit down and write another- sooner rather than later.

My second book  "The 430 Path To Great Golf" goes into full detail about the drills I use to make anybody a better ball striker. From beginners to PGA Tour winners this is the plan of execution to improve. No matter what your standard may be- Train the body and train the mind to make the swing you have always wished for.

80 pages of photographs videos and description for you to follow along and alter your golf swing just as hundreds of my students have.

Becoming a better ball striker is not a mystery- it is all laid out here in this book for you to execute and take charge.

Available until May 15 at a discounted price- so don't miss out

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