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The above sites were established and are administered by my very own golf coach John "Lagpressure" Erickson.

John resides near San Francisco, California and has more knowledge of the golf swing than anyone I have ever known. His ideas and thoughts about golf and the golf swing are incredible.
John was an All American college golfer at Fresno State and we played the Canadian and Australian PGA Tours together in the late 1980's . John took a golf hiatus after the grind of travel and ventured into other areas as diverse as real estate and being a musician and rarely played or watched golf for close to 15 years. The golf bug bit him hard again approx 5 years ago and whilst he has no desire to compete on Tour again, his passion to help golfers maximize their potential and understand their golf swing needs to be seen to be believed.
His writings on all matters relating to golf are a must read for any avid golfer.

In the early part of 2009 we re-connected our friendship through a chance meeting on another golf website where John had his own discussion thread entitled 'Let's Talk Lag's Golf Machine'.
That thread alone is still one of the highest viewed threads on the internet relating to golf even though it has been shut down for over 12 months.

I assist Lag on his advancedballstriking forum site and the wealth of information on the forum from our professional staff and the students will have you spellbound for weeks and months as you read about what the greatest ball strikers in the history of golf felt and achieved with their own swings and how anyone who is armed with the correct knowledge can improve their game dramatically working along the same principles.

THE VAULT at advancedballstriking.com/forum

THE VAULT-- is your one stop shop for all golf swings videos, swing sequence pictures, still shots of the golf swing, instruction articles from the greats and video interviews and player articles.

At www.advancedballstriking.com/forum we now offer our Vault section for all golfers.

All you have to do is sign up as a forum member of advancedballstriking.com/forum to receive a forum login name and you are now ready to add your own thoughts on thousands of topics relating to golf and enjoy the insight of other forum members as well as advanced thoughts from myself and advancedballstriking founder and lead instructor John 'Lagpressure' Erickson.

As an added bonus we now offer our VAULT for purchase... After over 500 man hours of work The Vault now consists of over 3000 pictures, videos, interviews and instruction pieces from the greatest golfers of the past 100 years.

See video sample below for a quick look at a few of the items enclosed inside the Vault's walls.



The Vault is an ideal area for the budding golfer, the avid golfer, the sentimental golfer, the professional golfer ...the golfer of any level.

We now have close to 100 different golfers assuming their place in The Vault. All golfers are categorized in easy to find order. 

The Vault would also make a wonderful resource tool for the golf professional who wants to study the swings of the greatest players ever and use them in his own teaching procedures with his students.

The Vault is without doubt the 'greatest collection of golf swings' assembled in one place on the internet.

You can now own The Vault at advancedballstriking.com/forum by signing up as a forum member and then following the check out procedures located in the public Vault area of the site.

For the low price of $65 you will have access to thousands of great videos, tips, pictures and interviews and insight about all things golf.

This is not a once a year sign up fee-- This is FOR LIFE.

The Vault continues to grow each and every week so you will never run short of new places to roam once inside the confines of The Vault.

Payment can be made by clicking the PayPal link below. We trust you will get lost for months inside the walls of The Vault and have a better understanding of how the greats played which you can then use to benefit your own game.





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