I pride myself on being able to teach all standard of golfers how to reach their maximum potential.

The golf swing is ALL about IMPACT.. I will show you how to get your impact correct and then build your swing around that sensation.

Your swing will develop based on the correct sensations, and feelings and imagery that the golfing greats of every era have used as their foundation to great golf.

TOO much of today's generic golf instruction is based on observation and guesswork ....... come learn from someone who played with the best golfers at the highest level of world golf and receive true insight and instruction based on feelings and thoughts and truths that were tested under tournament conditions and that are proven to improve any golfer of any standard.




The drills I have designed allow the student to not only learn how to gain the maximum power and control possible but they allow the student make swing changes at a greater rate than would be possible by just hitting golf balls.

Too many golfers assume that once they have the information they should be able to do it almost straight away!

However learning golf skills doesn’t work like that. What actually happens is that you need to understand what it is you’re trying to do both physically and mentally first. In other words;

1. You need to understand it conceptually (How does it look compared to my old way of doing it?)
2. You need to understand it physically (How is it supposed to feel to me compared to my old way of doing it?)
3. You need to practice it enough to bring about adaptation …(Bring about what?)

Your golf practice routines should be designed so that the objective of the exercise is to put your mind and body under progressively increasing levels of stress to bring about change.

Your swing simply won’t change by trying to think of doing something when you swing. You need to alter your muscular movements by doing the correct drill work over and over until the motion becomes subconscious and free of thought.

Each person has a particular swing DNA that has been in built over the years either based on good or bad motion. To change that takes work.

The greater the degree of adaptation in the golf training process the greater the potential for higher levels of performance when it matters.  For that reason the purpose of any well designed golf practice plan is to bring on adaptations that do one thing; improve your golf performances on the golf course.

Golf improvement is only possible if you observe this important practice sequence…

Increasing stimulus (Specific practice drills) = Adaptation (Growth of a new pattern of movement) = Improved performance (Measurable difference in a performance – initially on the golf range and ultimately on the golf course).

The drills will eventually change your existing motor pattern for a better and more functional pattern.

Keep in mind that progress can be slow and while some people may see instant results others may perform at a lesser standard for a while until the changes start to take hold. This is due to the body being in two minds- doing what it is learning to do and still trying to do what it previously did.

The best thing for the student is to put in the work and the results will come.
If I could teach the golf swing in one foul swoop I would- but this is NOT possible... we learn....we ingrain....we alter....we change...we ingrain more......we build......we get better

Once the body knows...the body does....so stay persistent in your pursuit. There is NO one magic move to make the swing function ..... but once the series of workings are learned and in your mental and body DNA makeup the mystery of golf will disappear .....



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My tuition is based on personal experience that stood the true test of tournament golf in the heat of the battle confrontations with the great players of the world on the greatest golf courses in the world. What I teach wasn't learned from a teaching manual or from listening to the Golf Channel.

Turn off the sound on the golf telecast each week and forget what you read in golf magazines.  There is way too much mis-information from these portals that only have the main goal of filling up air time and space.

SIGN UP NOW....What have to got to lose? - except maybe some strokes from   your game...

The best ball strikers ever left a treasure trove of fundamentals and feels of the golf swing that are just not being taught any longer for various reasons.  It's time to reverse the trend.... Come see me for your path to better golf.



I also teach the short game - chipping, pitching, bunker play and putting and have extensive thoughts about the mental side of golf and course management so my students can be fully rounded in their work to become better golfers by improving all aspects associated with lowering their scores.