Golfers the world over are always looking for that one thing- that one magic move that allows them to hit the ball better than they have before.

Which begs the question..... What is the most effective way to learn the golf swing?

There are a number of ways to learn the swing. Many people will argue which one is the better tool. I will give you the answer here and why.


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Here is Chapter 2: Impact & The Flat Left Wrist

     Faking a flat left wrist alignment at impact will not guarantee much except maybe a better looking impact for a still photograph

     Throwing the arms away and off the body to lead the hands or driving the club down into the ground are falsities designed to get a look rather than have the look occur as a result of better intentions or imperatives.

     In my own swing I am trying to release my hands so hard via arm rotation at the bottom of the swing that I am feel like I am doing the complete opposite to trying to get that left wrist flattened out and leading. I am actually trying to avoid the flat left wrist so I can utilize the proper loft of the club.

     However because my pivot has been trained to kick in and take over beyond impact and my pivot is actually outracing my ability to fire the clubhead past it- I end up with the flat left wrist anyhow.

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A terrific story of resiliance and hard work- and doing the right things- has helped one of my pro students begin to turn his game around.

Remember- the golf ball DOESN'T know who is hitting it- it can ONLY do what the physics of the swing and strike are telling it to do. Anyone can play great or better golf with the proper information......

Battling Back
Brendon Todd Seeing Daylight After Dark Stretch
By Ron Green Jr. • May 4, 2019

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA | It took a moment to register, like a hazy memory that won’t quite come into focus.

Brendon Todd’s name was on the leaderboard at the Wells Fargo Championship.

Brendon Todd … hmmm, sounds familiar.

Oh yeah, Brendon Todd, won the 2014 Byron Nelson Championship and was ranked among the top 50 in the world for a while. Nice player. Quiet. Unassuming.

What happened to him?

It’s almost too ugly to talk about.

Here’s the short version from the man himself:

“Ball-striking yips. Hitting a 4-iron like 50 yards right out of play every round and I did that for like two years,” Todd said Friday afternoon after opening with rounds of 69-70 at Quail Hollow Club

That’s the short version. Any longer shot – putting doesn’t count – has brought potential disaster.

Todd, 33, knows the moment it began.

“I hit one in the BMW (Championship) in 2015 in the last group on Saturday and I didn’t stop doing it until … I haven’t stopped really, it’s just less,” he said.

"Last season, Todd missed the cut in all six PGA Tour starts he made. The year before that, he missed eight cuts in nine starts. Go back one more season and Todd missed 25 cuts in 29 starts.

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