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Now you can buy and build your swing for better just like the PGA Tour players do.

Using the ground is a long time catch phrase in golf instruction - but how do you you truly use the ground?

I have been teaching this pressure and force with my amateur students for over 10 years and the results have been drastic. But not only for the social player.

Just ask Brendon Todd- who has used the downunder board for the past 18 months and late last year built his game back from a three year stretch of missed cuts to ultimately win back to back PGA titles at The Bermuda Championship and The Mayakoba Classic.

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The great equipment report was recently released by the golfing powers that be. To many the letters in that word should be re-arranged to "grate" instead.

These reports or reminders always incite loud voices and comments- some very insightful and some just ill informed and self interest commentary.


Everyone knows where I stand. I have voiced my own concerns about the direction golf has shuttled towards for many years now. Some assume I am just an old fuddy- (I turn 53 next week) and long for years gone by. True to some degree but not for the reasons people believe.

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The Mystery Of The Transition

All quality strikers increase knee flex through transition. It’s the way to do it. If you bend your knees the head is going to drop-as it should.

Then depending upon how the torso works, a player can pull back with the torso to resist the club from moving away from them due to centrifugal force, straightening slightly at the waist like Nicklaus OR they can stay down longer through the impact arena with a more level rotation and lower hands that maintain wristcock as Player did.


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In a move that didn't surprise anyone- "captain" Tiger Woods selected himself as a captain's pick for the upcoming President's Cup- to be hosted in my hometown in Australia, at my favourite golf course in the world- Royal Melbourne.

It wasn't that long ago that it was inconceivable for Tiger to be a part of this team with clubs in hand. After all he had been selected as captain- normally something that would not occur if there was even a remote possibility of making his way onto the team itself.

Then The Masters happened. Then win #82 happened in Japan. Only a fool would then come to suggest that Tiger shouldn't trade his clipboard in for his clubs. The fact he had to select himself would be the only real obstacle thwarting him from playing. His wiser head prevailed and he saw no imperfection in naming himself on the team.

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One of the great feel good stories of the PGA Tour surfaced last week, with Brendon Todd claiming victory in the inaugural Bermuda Championship played at Port Royal GC on the island of Bermuda.

Why was it so special?

Because Brendon Todd had been through the ringer with his golf game. Over three years of missed cuts and poor golf would have broken most people. 40 missed cuts from 44 events throughout 2016-2017-2018. A loss of status on any tour. And a game that showed no signs of recovery.

This is a story about determination, perserverance, hard work and self belief.

I have a vested interest in this story myself. I am Brendon Todd's swing coach. So to see the way he pured shot after shot during last Sunday's final round , carving out a 9 under par 62 to eclipse the field was a special moment.

Not just for what he did- but for where I knew he had come from.

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