Student Testimonials

"The best money I have ever spent on golf by a mile and then some has been on Bradley Hughes teaching. What this man has done for my golf swing has been incredible. I am loving my golf again and he has rekindled my love for the game."      CD

"Brad- I feel compelled to write this testimonial as a huge thank you for getting me on the path to better golf. I came to you as a very frustrated golfer who had seen far too many swing coaches and taken far too many lessons than I like to admit. Now after six months of completing your drill work plus a handful of personal lessons my ball striking has improved out of sight. The dreaded over the top pattern is now reversed. I can control and shape the ball like never before and importantly I feel like I own my own swing and understand the concepts to keep improving. For a person who has battled away for years only to see no improvement- I cannot thank you enough"      WG

"I just completed the 5 drill series and I have to say it was the best money I spent on any golf product. I love the fact that you have given me the proper fundamentals to improve at golf.  Up to this point I had failed to improve over the last ten years. I read everything on the internet, hit thousands of range balls, bought countless videos from well known instructors but with no results. I fell victim to paralysis by analysis. Through your efforts, I now have a proper roadmap. No more quick fixes, just solid fundamentals. I truly thank you for that".     AJ


"I just wanted to take a moment and tell you how excited I am about my golf swing. It seems like I have spent thousands of dollars and hours trying to fit a round peg in a square hole. The drills you have given me have made a huge difference already in both my length and straightness. I am finally getting a quality of strike on the ball.. Wow and thank you."    TA

"After working on your recommendations I eventually found my groove and started to stripe my driver 20 yards farther than I ever have on the range I practice at (i know this range well!!!). I can't explain it other than the fact your drills started to take affect. I felt like I was holding 'lag' longer on my downswing and could go harder at the ball than I ever imagined I could and stay in balance with more control. Thankyou!"       JN

"I have to say thank you. You have taken the mystery out of golf for me, All I now do is reinforce what you have told me to work on and I have no other thoughts. My ball striking is at a significantly higher level than ever before and is much more repeatable. I really appreciate knowing the info I am receiving from you is what the classic players all knew. Again thank you..You have made a frustrated golfer start having fun again".           AC

"The Drill Two leg & footwork pressure you are teaching is really amazing.Sensations I have never felt before and my balance and power has been taken to a new level. Thank you so much"    JT

"I really got a passion for golf later in life but had no formal instruction growing up. Bradley has put me on the path to golfing fun and pleasure. His method of teaching and the recommended drills that help me improve are priceless and his communication in making sure I understand the reasons behind what we are trying to achieve with my swing is fantastic. He wants me to improve just as much as I want myself to improve and I couldn't be happier with the direction my golf is headed. I can't wait to see what feeling I gain from my next lesson "      TM

"Thankyou Bradley Hughes- you are a genius!! Your approach to golf unravels many years of technical and unnatural thoughts I had been told to incorporate into my swing...I can finally hit the ball again!!! "   LA

"Being in the field of the physical therapy I just felt like commenting on the biomechanics of your drill two and why I like that you are activating the adductors (inner thighs) during the golf swing. This drill is exceptional in the manner it teaches the pelvis and femur and hamstrings and glutes to activate and stabilize. Thanks for your help with the golf swing.  I am down to a 1.8 from a 4 to start the year after watching your Youtube videos and now working with the drills.  I love to collaborate with and learn from others about the golf swing:)  "     MS

"I just read thru much of your "epic" threads on Advanced Ball Striking & Secret In The Dirt.
Every person at all stages in life respond to encouragement and..... I gotta tellya that I am proud of you and your stance on the golf swing. I am an engineer and have been chasing this thing since '06.
I am only on the second drill but I have caused quite a "stir" amongst my peers who are all single digit handicappers that SLAP the golf ball. They have watched my ball flight and striking change dramatically in the last month. The lowest capper is a Zero.... and he is "secretly" retooling his swing along your thinking....cuz he knows you are right also.I had to tell you this because I have a motto.... if I think a good thought about sense keeping it to myself. I am trully proud of your stance about the golf swing and how best to allow us 'other guys' to feel what it is like to hit the ball with power and precision."    JW


Video Testimonials 

Here is what people have been saying about my YouTube videos:

"That video is outstanding. If I were young again Bradley Hughes would be the pro I would call and listen to"      BK

"This one tip alone has completely changed my game!! I am absolutely striping the ball now and able to hit with so much more power and control- something I have always struggled with even though I am a 1 handicapper. You are unreal!!! Thankyou"      CA

"Yet another video that proves Bradley Hughes is easily the best instructor on YouTube"         DO

" Bradley Hughes is THE best teacher in golf...please listen to him...the strokes will fall off. Best thought so far...hands at top actually move towards path line, while clubhead falls in slot. (absolutely brilliant!) Works like warm butter on a hot bun. Ten more, repeatable rock!"        BC

"When I was a kid someone told me, "you'll know truth when you hear it." and that's exactly the experience I have listening to Bradley Hughes explanations of the golf swing.

Whereas many others leave me with that quizzical look on my face, thinking I understood it but not really being sure. Thanks Man"      KG

" I am not into commentating on YouTube vids but I simply have to now. I've been playing for around 30 years at a decent level and I've listened to some right junk from instructors- but Brad- you are superb!! You have a wonderful ability to teach tremendously technical stuff in a way that even someone as thick as me can understand. and more importantly implement. Thank you for your channel. The last month trying to implement your swing thoughts have been awesome"      SL

"After reading one of your articles in a golf mag I watched your videos intrigued about what you had said. I headed to my local course today to try the moves and was blown away. The impact is so pure on all clubs. Its almost beyond belief. I was able to hit harder and had better trajectory with all my clubs. Many thanks Brad- indeed the best instruction out there"       TR

"Gotta say thanks Brad.  I've watched many Golf instruction videos but your videos are by far the best.  I'm making contact with the ball MUCH better and having MUCH more fun;  Totally different game for me now.  Thanks again  PM "

"Bradley, you are the man, you are hands down better than all the so called top coaches with your intellect. Rushing the weight to my left screwed me up big time and caused the flips. I bought some led tape to get some weight on an iron, and I'm trying to shallow out my attack angle using drills. I can't afford new clubs :( I spent 2 grand when I started on a what I realize now is a useless set, and another grand on useless lessons. I came to these realizations with careful observations of old swings especially Mr. Hogan and I'm glad someone of your achievements is boldly standing up to modern style coaches. I have been golfing a little over 2 years but I have progressed rather quickly. I know I have what it takes as far as athleticism, strength, balance, and intellect goes even though I started at 25. I would kill to come to Australia and learn from you. Thanks for these videos, I wish you the best"   RS
"Ought to call this video the hokey pokey--- because it is truly what it is all about"       E.D
"Bradley, You have changed my golfing life, I was playing off around 2 handicap for years but never hitting up the back the ball and not striking out the sweet spot, alway hitting cut shots not far from target but not much distance. Watched your videos, went the range and bam it's all changed, everything just made sense and now I hit out the sweet spot, little draw and long. Can't believe it, never would have thought to rotate my forearms under in the downswing, every bone in your body says NO don't do it, but the more exaggerated I do it the better I hit it. I'm just staggered what this simple move has done for me. Anyway you should be teaching every other teacher in the world as far as I'm concerned"       CS
"This is without doubt the greatest video out there on you YouTube. I have seen just about all of the so called professional teachers on you tube and none of them explain the importance of balance in the golf swing like Brad. I have since watched every one of his videos several times to get his moves into my own swing and have never ever hit the ball so good. Thanks heaps mate and look forward to more great lessons from you. Aussies seem to put across their points of the game better than most of the coaches out there."       SK
"Love everything you do, the best instruction EVER!!! Makes so much sense compared to the 'modern' teaching"        MG
"Hi Bradley, thanks to your awesome YouTube videos I have made significant progress on the journey of golf just by watching. Your concepts have helped me shave off on an average about 4 strokes in my weekend rounds"     IC

" Bradley Hughes really knows his stuff. I've been playing golf for about 20 years and have tried all types of swings and techniques, but nothing seemed to work for me until I started to watch some of the Bradley's videos. After I saw one of his videos, I headed straight to the driving range and work on the tips that Bradley demonstrated and I hit the ball so solid and the feeling I had never felt before. I would pay Bradley thousands of dollars If I knew that his lesson would help me this much. I have repeatedly going to the range and trying out Bradley's techniques and they still work every time. Now I have so much confidence in my golf swing and no more stress and for the first time in my life I'm really enjoying golf. Thank you so much Bradley and keep up the good work"        JN

" Just wanted to say how incredibly selfless it is that you present so much hard earned information so freely through your videos. As an anatomist I have always found your ideas quite logical, well presented, never argumentative and always documented by footage of the greats       HP "

" Awesome videos. The best player/teacher in the world is right here, Brad Hughes"     AF

 "Yes Bradley Hughes IS a master teacher. Nobody can get the message of a proper golf swing better than he can"

"Simply the best explanation I have ever seen...Thanks Brad"

"Your YouTube video "How To Hit The Ball Straighter" is  without a doubt one of the best videos I have ever seen.. ThankYou"

"I think you are the best teacher I've ever seen. I can now outdrive people who score better than me and i use half the effort! keeping my arms tucked in has cured my hook and allowed my shoulder to be more comfortable. Hitting with the body makes the game much more relaxing and enjoyable. You have to be told how good you are. thanks!"