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October 23-24-25 2018

Holly Tree CC. 500 Golf Club Drive, Simpsonville, South Carolina

     Every golfer wants to become better. We even hear the world's best repeat those same words every week on television as they are competing at the highest level.

     Getting better requires the right information and the right plan that can help you improve.

     Bradley Hughes Golf offers everything golf related to bring your game to a higher standard.

     It gives me great pleasure to announce the dates for my very first three day golf school.

     After great success with students of all levels- professional golfers- top amatuer golfers- mid and high handicappers- beginners- junior golfers- men and women, now is the perfect time for me, Bradley Hughes, to show you, the golfer who wants more,  EVERYTHING you wanted to learn about the game of golf.

     Golf instruction can be confusing. There are so many conflicting ideas thrown around that many golfers heads spin with ill directed logics and way too many thoughts, tying them in knots at address and throughout the swing.

     Keep your head still- Watch the ball- Lift your heel- Dont sway- Cock your wrists- Don't cock your wrists- Keep your weight forward- Keep your weight back- Hit down on your irons- Hit up on your woods- Turn your hips- .....

     You get the message. You have probably been there - or are possibly still there- working your way through all kinds of thoughts and theories in your constant search and battle to find out what truly works.

     I once knew hundreds of golfers who had been wandering aimlessly down the fairways and the driving ranges of the world tinkering daily to find the magic potion that sudenly allows them to hit more solid straighter shots. Then that all changed when they visited me for lessons and all the mystery was suddenly cleared from the air and a calmer plan and focus appeared in their golfing future.

           1994 Presidents Cup International Team                                                                                         1998 Australian Masters

     Whilst common belief in many golfing circles states "those who can play- do so" and "those who can't play- teach" I can rest assured this statement in my case is 100% in-accurate.

     Most of my peers consistently agreed that my ball striking was of the highest level and the stats don't lie in that regard. In the final round of the 1993 Australian Masters I registered all 18 greens in regulation for a 7 under par 66 and would ultimately win in a playoff. In the 1998 edition of the Australian Masters I hit all 18 greens in regulation in the first round & the third round and shot a tournament record 24 under par total.

     The ultimate compliment was being paired in The 1994 Presidents Cup with then current World number 1 and recent British Open & PGA Champion Nick Price because captain David Graham believed I was playing so well I could make a tonne of birdies in that match.

     Because of my success on the course with a reliance on hitting fairways and greens- as I became more and more interested in teaching golfers rather than playing golf, I took it upon myself to debunk the play or teach theory. Why couldn't someone do both?

     In all other aspects of life people seek out the best in their field so as to learn from them. Alas in golf that is rarely in the realms of possibility. The best players are still playing competitively OR have made such a nice living from competition they now have time to sit back and enjoy a lifestyle they never once had- less travel- more family time and relaxed golf with their friends. As a result the best never get to pass on the information that enabled them to be at the threshold of their sport.

     This is not entirely true as two of the world's greatest golfers ever have published instruction books- Ben Hogan The Five Fundamentals & Jack Nicklaus Golf My Way-that are regarded as supreme as far as golf instruction manifests. Yet- the written word can often be exasperating to the golfer who isn't able to improve by looking at illustrations and words. These same folk then point the blame at the author- in this case Hogan and Nicklaus- and profusely state that "The Hawk" and "The Bear" didn't do what they say they were doing.

     Let me assure you- they were absolutely doing what they were trying to accentuate through the written word- however often things get lost in translation. Nicklaus never ever had to give golf lessons to students day in and day out and therefore never had to figure out several ways to express what he believed would help said golfer until the right message appeared. Hogan did give lessons early on in his career- as most professionals of that era did- however I am certain he was handing out basic ideas to the pupils in front of him, rather than the detailed explanations he handed out in his book and that won him so many illustrious titles on the course . Both books were extremely well presented and a true indication of what each one of them felt and believed enabled them their successes at golf. Many golfers improved and many golfers became worse through their dedicated work on trying to decipher the feels of Nicklaus and Hogan and that is why golf instruction is difficult.

     Not every person is going to feel things the same. Not every golfer is going to need to feel the aggressive hip turn to start the downswing that Hogan presented in his marvellous book. Just like not everyone is going to feel the need to release the clubhead directly from the top as Nicklaus stated as one of his sensations and keys. In fact if you think about both those 'swing thoughts' they are really both moves that poor golfers overdo in their swings already!!!! - BOTH resulting in a cast or over the top downswing with a glance across the ball. Remember one man's treasure is often another man's trash!!!

     That's the reason why I never leave any stone unturned with my golf instruction. I spent 10 months researching my swing, the great's golf swings and tested and tried everything I thought was difficult to comprehend about regular golf instruction to see where the results lead me.

     First I came up with the basis of what TRULY makes a swing tick- and it didn't really favour highly amongst any of the so called 'basics" that most instruction was delivering in their message. I realized immediately that there were too many golfers in the Hall of Fame that were polar opposites in their fundamentals, yet golfers were being force fed the opposites on the lesson tee. So if that was the case then, those "fundamentals" weren't really fundamentals at all.

     For those who follow me on social media you will instantly recognize my fundamentals as-

1)  4:30 entry path - the swing entry path all these great golfers took on the downswing on their assault towards the final stages of impact &

2) that post impact actually means something. It isn't over once the ball is struck.

Get those two things functioning well and the only other real fundamental- number 3- takes care of itself...impact.

There are your three fundamentals - everything else should and can be open to different offerings. Just like a strong grip - Bernhard Langer... A weak Grip- Scott Simpson... An across the line backswing- Calvin Peete... A laid off backswing- Jon Rahm... A long backswing- John Daly... A short backswing- Doug Sanders.... A wide takeaway- Greg Norman... A quick set takeaway- Johnny Miller... An outside takeaway- Lee Trevino... An inside takeaway- Ray Floyd.... you see what I mean.....too much unfundamental activity in that group of geat players to insist any of those aspects need to be adhered to

     ALL those players go against what normal golf instruction is trying to instill into your game. And you aren't getting better!!!

     So who is the culprit?.... Is it because you can't seem to adjust to the set of fundamentals laid out through PGA instruction manuals OR is it that what you are being told is totally wrong, in the wrong order of learning and not truly fundamentals or neccessities at all... I will say it's the second choice....

     How do I know this?

     Evidence from my students improvement. A student going from a best score of 130 strokes for 18 holes down to a best score of 74 within 16 months. A 20 handicap golfer reducing his handicap to a 2 handicap within 12 months. A 70 year old man with a 16 handicap and age against his hope for improvement- reducing his handicap through my lessons to a 7 handicap within 9 months.

     There is no substitute for hard work- however hard work on the wrong things hasn't gotten you anywhere in the past. So why not do the right things with the same hard work and reap the golf game you always dreamed of.

     Bradley Hughes Golf instills dynamics into the students swing. Positions are irrelevant and just pass through points in the golf swing. I will show you how the forces and pressures of motion and resistance and balance make these positions a occurrence rather than a goal. No-one would ever confuse my golf swing with that of Ben Hogan- yet when you eliminate the backswing and watch closely- things are moving almost identically into and through the strike.

     I never want my student to lose some of his own identity. Therefore I teach them dynamics instead of look. I want them to have their own individuality and flair. I dont want them to fall off the assembly line of straight backs, stiff legs and trying to be on plane right throughout the swing. And lo and behold the student's end up getting the look of the swing that people drool over with scant regard for trying to create that look at all. Just like magic.....

     Bradley Hughes Golf school is not limited to a particular type or style. I encourage any of you that want to learn more than you imagined about the game of golf to sign up. Professionals and Instructors are more than welcome also. I enjoy passing on my knowledge to other instructors so their students can also benefit from what's right rather than continue to fight down the wrong path. After all we are all in this together- to make golf more enjoyable and more fun.

     I look forward to helping you with your game and allowing you to not only become a better all around golfer- BUT I truly hope you learn so much that you will also become your OWN best coach........


BRADLEY HUGHES GOLF SCHOOL           Holly Tree CC Simpsonville SC        October 23-24-25 2018

  Cost: US$2000

DAY ONE: Tuesday October 23 2018

8:30am Breakfast -- Meet & greet all participants

9:00am Classroom Discussion- What are the fundamentals?.. Learning & understanding the real fundamentals.. Swing dynamics..What made the best better....

11:30am Lunch

12:15pm Driving Range- Learning and discussing  Drills 1-2-3

1:30pm Driving range time with one on one instruction

2:45pm Short game discussion and short game practice on short course

4:15pm Classroom- question time

5:00pm End of first day

DAY TWO: Wednesday October 24 2018

8:30am Breakfast

9:00am Driving Range- Learning and discussing Drill 4-5-6

10:30am Driving range time with one on one instruction

12:00pm Lunch

12:45pm Driving range- how to incorporate the drills into playing golf

1:45pm Classroom discussion- Mental game...course management...practice

3:15pm Driving range- How to read your faults.. causes and to fix your faults on your own

4:15pm Putting

5:15pm End of second day

DAY THREE: Thursday October 25 2018

8:30am Breakfast

9:00am Classroom discussion- different swings... how swings function..dynamics over positions

10:45am Question time

11:30am Lunch

12:15pm Driving range practice and warm up

1:15pm Play golf on the course with Bradley Hughes

5:00pm Conclusion of school


          All students receive gifts-- including access to my drill series videos & a video analysis of their swing from our one on one instruction time


  A new student learning the 430 path (drill one) and the post impact (drill three)      Drill four opens up the slot straight back to the 430 entry

 Where do I book and sign up?.....

                                                   Bradley Hughes Golf School is limited to nine (9) students. Sign up early to not miss out

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Airport Information:       Holly Tree CC is situated just 10 miles from downtown Greenville South Carolina. The closest airport is (GSP)- Greenville Spartanburg (approx 15 minutes from Holly Tree CC). Other major airports include (CLT) Charlotee Douglas in Charlotte North Carolina- approx 1 hour & 45 mins drive  and (ATL) Atlanta Hartsfield Airport in Atlanta Georgia- approx 2 hour drive

Hotel Information:     Holly Tree CC is situated in Simpsonville South Carolina approximately 10 miles from downtown Greenville. There are numerous hotel choices within 15 minutes drive from the golf school venue. The closest areas to make reservations at would be the Fairview Rd area of Simpsonville and the Woodruff Rd area (main shopping region)