Bradley Hughes Golf Online Drill Series has helped dropped hundreds of strokes from golfer's handicaps - the world over- since it's inception. 

As a former PGA Tour player. Two Time Australian Masters Champion and team member of the International Team for the inaugural 1994 Presidents Cup- Hughes from his playing experience and early teaching ideas developed a unique and more advanced way to help golfers work on the correct dynamics of the golf swing- that through diligent work and intentions changes the "golf muscles" used throughout the swing. These changes allow the golfer to be able to perform their swing motion correctly more often and more efficently- so the swing beomes them- void of force or of thought. The drill series is designed in a specific order of learning that enables the golfer the best sequence of learning that has proven to give the student the greatest chance of piecing the swing together into one complete package.

Videos in the series listed below:

Drill One- 4:30 entry path to impact- using rotation and hand velocity into the strike  (available now) Download here: Bradley Hughes Vimeo On Demand

Drill Two- Footwork and legwork- understanding ground forces

Drill Three- Beyond impact and the Pivot- for power and control

Drill Four- The wrists and backswing options to aid with transition

Drill Five- The downswing and how we get right back to the 4:30 entry path

Drill Six- True swing plane and how to become your own best coach

Drill Seven- Ball position and alignment options based on your swing

Drill Eight- Shot shaping and trajectory control of ball flight

DOWNLOAD HERE: Bradley Hughes Online Vimeo On Demand

**Disclaimer: Purchasing or renting this video series is for information purposes only. Bradley Hughes will not engage with the purchaser with regards to instruction related to these videos. That right is reserved only for full series students who purchased the online series in its entire form with the intention of utilizing my feedback throughout the course. Enjoy the journey to better golf as you use Bradley Hughes as your personal coach to better scores and a better game....