Bobby Jones- a hero to golfers and even non-golfers will always be regarded as one of history's greatest players. His record in national Opens is unprecedented- even as an amateur player.


His achievment of winning the "Impregnable Quadrilateral" or what we refer to now as "The Grand Slam" in 1930 by winning all of golf's Major Championships in the one calendar year may never be repeated again. Amazingly Jones retired right after achieving this feat to focus on his law business.




He didn't however truly leave golf- just the playing aspect of it- as a few years after retiring from competitive play Jones brought to the world stage The Augusta National Golf Club and The Masters- now one of the four Majors that golf's elite chase every year in April in Georgia.

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One of the more confusing aspects of the golf swing for many people is the PIVOT,


What is the pivot? When does it work? Why is is so important?



The pivot is the rotation of the body not only into impact but also beyond impact. The key ingredient of proper pivot use is truly how it engages and woks beyond the strike. It is one of the most important factors to allow a golf swing to function efficiently more often than not.

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Bradley Hughes Golf instruction continues to give the student the best information to reduce their handicaps.... A best score of 120 to 74 in 18 months..... A 14 handicap down to a 2 handicap in 2 years.....A 18 handicap down to a 3 handicap in 2 1/2 years......A handicap drop from 16 down to a 7 at the age of 70 years old....A 15 year old Club Champion at a prestigous Melbourne Sandbelt golf course within 3 years.... My instruction is designed to work and the proof is outstanding..... No other place in the world can you receive expert tuition with a purpose and a goal from a PGA Tour player, Presidents Cup player and tournament winner.... Bradley Hughes Golf- Where Experience Counts


Bradley Hughes will particpate in this years edition of The Australian Masters 2015... The tournament is once again back at its original home for the first 30 years- Huntingdale GC... a venue where Hughes WON in 1993 & 1998. Hughes holds the 18 hole scoring record (63) in 1998... the 36 hole scoring record (130) in 2004.... and the 72 hole scorinf record (268) in 1998 at The Masters... He also has finished runner up in 1996 and in 4th place in 1992 and 2004.


What a great month of golf!!! After Bradley Hughes and the 26 year old Jason Scrivener met up on a cold mid July winters day in Melbourne to discuss his golf swing- "Scriv" has returned to the European Tour and set the courses alight during August & incredible run of 4 top 18 finishes in his past 5 events at an amazing 52 under par... Great playing!!!

**Update- After 4 exceptional rounds of 68-68-65-68 Jason finished Tied 3rd at the Hong Kong Open behind winner Justin Rose. He has now risen from 183rd to 117th in the Race To Dubai standings since using my guidance to better his game.

"Scriv" has also again secured his European Tour status for 2016 with an outstanding 7th place finish at Qualifying School on November 15-19