I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Robert Blumenthal from GolfConversations.com

This site has many great interviews from players such as Ken Venturi, Tom Watson and many other instructors and golfers from various backgrounds.

Here is the 27 minute video of our conversation:

To see the remaining transcript of the rest of the interview please follow the link below...and feel free to look around the GolfConversations site for more videos and interesting insights......

Bradley Hughes- Golf Conversations. com Interview


Produced in brilliant high definition this video covers 27 instruction tips I have learned over my years as a PGA Tour player, tournament winner and instructor of the game.

I cover important fundamentals such as the grip and setup and how to be balanced for a better swing. Also included are short game tips- ball hitting drills- course management tips and much much more.

Come and help yourself to some of the best lessons I learned as a professional golfer in this downloadable video and add them to your game- with me as your personal coach....

Approx runtime 33 mins... Download file size 332MB...... Click link below to go to download page....

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The Zone- that airless floating indescribable place we wander off to when we seem to have our best rounds of golf.  What is the zone? And HOW can we visit it more often in our journey to better golf?

Let’s change the word “Zone” to the word “Comfort” instead….because that is what it really is.

There is a certain type of comfort in our ability that allows us to slow down and analyse and make better decisions for better results. Comfort comes from confidence. Confidence in one’s ability to be able to produce the necessary shot that is presented before us. Obviously good practice and the experience of practicing and performing well struck solid shots to a specific distance and target spread out over the vast landscape of shots we may need throughout a round of golf will help us have at least one hand on the Zone area. So we can never under estimate the practice it takes to work on and understand how to hit ANY shot.

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